• Gigabiter GB-21

The GB21 System functions as follows:

The material is introduced into the Particle Cut Shredder via Infeed Conveyor.

This machine performs the initial breakdown of the product, reducing it to random length pieces.

This product is then conveyed to a rotary lock, which dispenses the product into the Upper Hammermill.

Upon initial impact, the swinging hammers reduce the materials through a heavy-duty spaced bar screen.

The materials filter through to the Lower Hammermill assembly and are further reduced through a screen.

The destroyed materials are discharged from beneath the Bottom Hammermill directly into a 55 gallon drum.

Utilizing two pickup points, a heavy-duty vacuum system collects airborne particles to ensure a clean process.

The GB21 System includes:

Cleated In-Feed Conveyor – Feeds Model 20 Pierce and Tear

Model 20 Pierce and Tear Shredder

Cleated In-Feed Conveyor – Feeds initial Hammermill

Rotary Lock

Two 40 Hp. Hammermills

Stackable Frame

Dust Collection with Rotary Lock

Service Platform with Stairs

Gigabiter GB-21

  • Product Code:GB-21