• Data Security HPM-1 Refurbished

We occasionally stock machines that have been refurbished to the manufacturer’s standard These machines are offered at reduced pricing; please enquire for quotes and availability.


Quick, Easy and Permanent Erasure of Hard Disk Drives and Magnetic Tape

Key Features:

  • Listed on the National Security Agency Deausser Evaluated Products List (DEPL), NSA/CSS-EPL-9-12A
  • Meets DoD requirements for purging classified information on longitudinal and perpendicular magnetic disk storage devices up to 5000 Oersteds and magnetic tape storage devices up to 2800 Oersteds1.
  • Superior magnetic field strength
  • Manually operated for quick and easy erasure

1.Erasure performance testing on hard disks with coercivities above 5000 Oe and on magnetic tapes above 2800 Oe in progress.


The HPM-1 with Deployment Case: Putting Mobility in Sanitization.

With the HPM-1 Deployment Case, you have the ability to safely take your degausser anywhere it’s needed. The heavy-duty, impact-resistant storage and transportation case ensures your degausser will be protected when moved from one location to the next. With four sturdy wheels set on casters, you have the freedom to roll the degausser to the media instead of bringing the media to you.

Offering more than storage, the Deployment Case doubles as a cart. Simply place the HPM-1 on top of the closed case, extend the handle of the HPM-1 and you are ready to degauss.

Molded of durable, impact resistant high density polyethylene with steel reinforced corners, the HPM-1 Deployment Case includes a heavy-duty latch system.
Width: 38 inches (965 mm) long by
24 inches (609 mm) wide by 24 inches (609 mm) tall
Weight: 70 pounds (31.75 kg

The HPM-1 Top 10 List

1. Highest approval in the NSA Degausser Evaluated Products List (DEPL). The HPM-1
is approved by the NSA to erase 2800 Oersted tape media and 5000 Oersted longitudinal and Perpendicular recorded hard disk storage devices as listed in the DEPL.

2. No electricity required. The HPM-1 degausser uses permanent magnets; electricity is not required to generate a magnetic field or operate the degausser. The HPM-1 operates continuously (no down time). The HPM-1 will operate in powerless environments or in the event of a power loss.

3. Multipurpose degausser. The HPM-1 is designed for any environment or conditions, domestic or overseas, friendly or hostile, office or mobile. The HPM-1 quickly erases media; anywhere, anytime. The HPM-1 is the best solution for emergency destruction of magnetic media.

4. Compact and mobile design. The compact footprint (17” wide x 30” deep) requires minimal space in any environment. The HPM-1 is the smallest “Drawer-Type” or “Chamber-Type” degausser listed in the DEPL. The HPM-1 mobile cart, paired with the compact design, provides effortless movement anywhere.

5. Permanent magnet technology. The HPM-1 permanent degausser has an unlimited shelf life; the HPM-1 can be used as long as customers have the media to degauss. The magnet design does not generate heat, has no magnet degradation and does not require any technical upgrades.

6. Fast, simple, easy operation. The HPM-1 is the fastest operating degausser listed in the DEPL. The HPM-1 is easy to load and does not require adapters. Media is degaussed in seconds. The operator handle is positioned for any operator; no adjustments are necessary.

7. Large media capacity. The HPM-1 accepts media sizes including one-inch disk drives, 8mm, 4mm DLT and LTO form factors.

8. Negligible magnetic field exposure. The magnetic field experienced around the HPM-1 is less than the earth’s magnetic field.

9. Manufactured in the USA. Data Security Inc. has been manufacturing degaussers in the Heartland since 1985. Let our experience and knowledge work for you. Buy American and Americans work.

10. World wide on-site service and toll free phone support. Depot level and on-site service is available for quick and easy support; our customers experience less down time.

Data Security HPM-1 Refurbished

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