• SSMD-2mm Solid State Destruction/Disintegrator

Approved for Australian Government use up to Top Secret and used by many Australian Federal Government Departments

Key Features:

  • Evaluated by NSA/CSS and meets the requirements of the NSA/CSS 9-12 Storage Device Declassification Policy Manual.
  • Unique dual stage disintegration process destroys solid state storage media (memory cards, memory boards, thumb drives, cell phones, tablets, solid state drives) and optical media (CDs and DVDs).
  • Simple, automatic push button operation, designed for reliability, performance, and operator safety.
  • Senses and automatically adjusts to clear and prevent jams
  • Parts are designed for reuse, and easily rotate for a additional use, resharpening or quick replacement.
  • Compact and clean, ideal for any setting, including offices.

The SSMD-2mm has passed National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) evaluation for solid state and optical media destruction to 2 mm and smaller particle size.

Designed with safety in mind, with features such as: blades that are out of reach, an emergency stop button, and safety rated cover interlocks. The SSMD-2mm requires minimal maintenance, and when needed, the blades, grinders and screens can easily be adjusted or re-sharpened for longer life before replacement is required.

Turn it on and drop in media. Within seconds, the media is destroyed to 2 mm particles or smaller (similar to coarse sand). The SSMD-2mm contains a unique dual stage disintegration process that extends the life of the device. In the event a jam is detected, the SSMD-2mm automatically reverses and clears the jam. The low-dust particulate collects in an easy to empty bin, and the device alerts the operator when the bin is full.

The SSMD-2mm is designed for longevity; parts do not have to be replaced as frequently as typical isintegrators. The SSMD-2mm includes three sets of air filters, including Carbon and HEPA, providing a disintegrator that can be used in any environment.

TechnologyDisintegrate solid state and optical media into particulate material
OperationAutomatic (push button)
Media SizeAccepts solid state storage media and
optical media up to 8”(203 mm) by
0.85” (22 mm)
Cycle TimeSeconds per piece
Duty CycleContinuous
Throughput50 pounds (22.7 kg) per hour
Power200-240V, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
AcousticsSlight mechanical hum from the device with muffled sounds of the media processing
Dimensions27” (686 mm) wide by 42.5” (1080 mm) deep by 48” (1219 mm) high
Weight1,150 lbs (522 kg)
AccessoriesCastor wheels, cleaning brush, debris bag and air filters
ManufacturerMade in the USA by Data Security, Inc.
www.DataSecurityInc.com Specifications subject to change without notice. Some media disassembly recommended; removal of all batteries required. This device does not erase/degauss media; this device is not intended for magnetic media.

SSMD-2mm Solid State Destruction/Disintegrator

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