• DF-4 Heavy-Duty Destruction Device

Fast, Easy, and Clean Media Destruction

The DF-4 Hard Disk Drive Mutilator is a heavy duty hard drive destruction device. Designed for ease-of-use, reliability and safety, the DF-4 provides excellent throughput and efficiency in a hard drive destruction device. Built to last, the DF-4 is an econmical alternative to hard drive shredders (require frequent service calls and replacement parts).

The Destruction Solution
While the NSA/DoD requires magnetic media be degaussed to sanitize information, they also highly recommend hard drives be physically destroyed prior to disposal. Some options for destruction are better than others. Incinerating, for example, releases a harmful debris-filled exhaust into the atmosphere while the shredding of a hard drive is extremely noisy and results in a mess of knife-edged shards. Mutilating, on the other hand, can offer quick, quiet and clean physical destruction.

Quick, Quiet and Clean
Data Security, Inc.'s DF-4 Mutilator will bend, shatter, pierce and crack any hard drive dropped inside, rendering it un-bootable and un-repairable. Working at a rapid speed (1 drive every 2-4 seconds), the visual damage created by the DF-4 will appear as holes punched in the outer case. For added measure, the drive is folded which causes the inner fragile components of the hard drive (like the circuitry, platters, connectors, etc) to become fractured or shattered. The mangled remnants slide out of the DF-4 and drop into a waste bin for easy disposal. It couldn't be faster, easier, or cleaner.

Degauss and Destroy Duo
For 150% compliance with NSA/DoD specifications for erasure of electronic information on hard disk drives, pair the DF-4 Mutilator with the LM-4 or LM-4E Degausser.

FEATURESSimple Gravity-Fed Operation
Complete Hard Drive Destruction (Puncture and Fold)
Single Pass Operation
Continuous duty
2-4 second cycle time
Wheels Optional
PERFORMANCEDisk Destruction
Gravity feeds your magnetic recording media, such as hard disk drives, between two rotating, spring loaded deformation wheels that fold and puncture the hard disk drive case. This mutilating action extends to the center of the platter stack inside the disk drive, completely destroying it. The force shatters disk platters, circuit board chips and connectors. Once mutilated, the media slides out of the DF-4 through an exit chute directly into a disposal bin.
DurableBuilt to last, the powerful deformation wheels resist chipping and dulling. The components of the DF-4 are so durable, it will outlast any hard drive shredder on the market today.
Media SizeAccepts all tape and hard disk drives up to 1.63 inches (41 mm) high by 4.3 inches (109 mm) wide.
Cycle Time 2-4 seconds per media unit.
Duty Cycle Continuous
PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTTemperature: Storage and shipping from -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C) to 158 degrees F (70 degrees C) Operation from 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C).
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%
Vibration and Shock: Designed to withstand commercial shipping and handling conditions and media dropping into feed chute from nominal height.
Altitude: Storage and shipping to 50,000 feet (15,000 meters) Operation to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).
Acoustics: Slight mechanical hum to faint clicks of media processing. Site dependent media transfer and disposal details will generally dominate acoustic emissions.
DIMENSIONSWidth: 46.9 inches (1191 mm)
Depth: 35.5 inches (902 mm)
Height: 48.2 inches (1224 mm) to 80.3 inches (2040 mm)*
In-chute height: 32.3 inches (820 mm) to 72.3 inches (1836 mm)*
Out-chute height: 10 inches (254 mm) to 50 inches (1270 mm)*
Weight: 1000 pounds (450 kg)

*Height adjusts to accommodate various disposal bin heights.

DF-4 Heavy-Duty Destruction Device

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