• DB-4000 Destruction Device
Key Features:

  • Meets National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) compliance guidelines for the physical damage of media.
  • Meets NSA/DoD requirements for emergency destruction procedures.
  • Largest chamber in an automatic destruction device, accommodating the largest media formats and quantities per cycle (up to 1,800 per hour).
  • Built to last; indestructible ram requires no preventative maintenance or expensive repairs. 
  • Internal brain with self-healing capabilities to prevent and auto-correct jams.
  • Simple, automatic push button operation, designed for reliability, performance, and operator safety.
  • Carbon hardened cutting knives unaffected by staples and metal clips
  • Compact and lightweight; perfect for on-site or mobile destruction.


Simply open the door and insert a hard drive. With single button operation, the powerful ram of the DB-4000 descends on the media. The indestructible ram develops 40,000 psi on the hard drive, a powerful force that bends, folds, and shatters the platters and circuitry of the drive, rendering it unusable.


The DB-4000 is designed with safety in mind. When the safety door is open, the ram locks into place preventing  operation. The door itself is made of a shatterproof, yet transparent material that allows the user to view inside while protecting the operator from flying debris, a common result from the damaging process. In the event of an emergency, a manual stop button immediately halts the operation of the machine. Clean up is quick, safe, and easy with a removable debris collection tray.


The chamber of the DB-4000 accepts a wide variety of media up to 4” by 6” by 1.76.” Due to this larger chamber size, thinner laptop drives (up to 6) can be stacked inside the chamber and damaged simultaneously, resulting in greater time efficiency.


Department of Defense magnetic media sanitization regulations require the use of an approved degausser, at minimum. In addition, they recommend degaussing be followed by physical damage prior to disposal. For complete compliance, pair the DB-4000 with a degausser listed in the National Security Agency’s Evaluated Products List-Degausser.

The DB-4000 is Built to Destroy Multiple Hard Disk Drives During a Single Cycle

half-height hard drive 1

third-height hard drive 1

3/4” laptop hard drive 4

1/2” laptop hard drive 6

TechnologyPortable device uses force to physically destroy hard disk drives
OperationAutomatic (push button)
Media SizeAccommodates multiple pieces of media per cycle, up to 4” (102 mm) by 6” (152 mm) by 1.63” (41 mm)
Cycle Time12 seconds
Duty CycleContinuous
Throughput1,800 hard drives/hr
Power120V/2A/60Hz or 230V/1.5A/50Hz
ClimateStorage and shipping from -40 OC to 70 OC Operation from 0 OC to 55 OC. Relative humidity 5% to 95%, non condensing
AltitudeStorage and shipping to 15,000 m
Operation to 3,000 m
VibrationDesigned to withstand commercial shipping and handling conditions
AcousticsThe DB-4000 itself is silent and vibration free; yet faint cracking or popping may be heard from the media as it’s crushed
Dimensions13.2” (335 mm) wide by 14” (355 mm) deep by 15.4” (390 mm) high
Weight95 lbs (43 kg)
AccessoriesOptional wheeled cart or deployment case available.
ManufacturerMade in the USA by Data Security, Inc.
1-800-225-7554 www.DataSecurityInc.com

DB-4000 Destruction Device

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